BlackBerry theme design

Design and typography for low-resolution screens presents unique design challenges. This self-directed project was a way to explore the use of iconography and colour in interface design.

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ePhysician portal concept: Changing health care

An RFP response in the early days of integrated health data management yielded some interesting conceptual design opportunities for a medical data portal.

Capgemini was preparing a joint pitch with HP in response to an eHealth initiative at Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. As part of our response, visual mockups were created to present a conceptual framework of potential functionality and user experience, as a way of framing discussion and opening dialogue with the client. While integrated records management has still not been implemented in the province, this concept shows some of the power and potential of an integrated approach.

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Standard & Poor’s: When a site becomes a platform

A robust research and trading platform was built with a “skinnable” interface, facilitating white-label deployment on customer sites.

In 2003, i worked on an interesting project with a small but outstanding team. We were flown in to assist with the front-end development on a financial services application that was being developed for Standard & Poor’s in Capgemini’s development centre in Lower Manhattan.

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