About me

I have been building strong brands through strategic creative processes
across multiple media since 1993.

I believe that creativity is not simply a process for
creating beautiful art, but for engineering solutions
to problems in a innovative or unexpected ways.

I like to imagine, dream, create and doodle, but take equal pleasure in
actually making a communications program work in a meaningful way.

I have a passion for big ideas ideas and compelling stories –
and for the words and images through which we tell them.

I believe Design is a verb, not a noun, and
that it is equal parts art, science and business.
Form and function are inseparable.

My skills are many, my interests diverse.
I have a thirst for knowledge and a strong desire to try the untried.

I specialize in non-specialization.

I thrive on collaborating with colleagues and clients,
but can also “go it alone” as the situation requires.

I believe creativity is everywhere,
and that the next great idea may come
from where we least expect it.

I get it.

This is why I am here.